Report No.:D0012974175

Inspection Report

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Vehicle Information


Vehicle manufacturer/model: Suzuki/

Year of manufacture:

Vehicle Software Version:V38.10

Inspection Organization



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Time and date of inspection:11/10/2021 12:05:43

Inspection Location:

Inspection Result

There are 8 issues for Vehicle body system:

1.Sunload sensor and/or its circuit

2.Driver air bag circuit resistance high

3.Passenger air bag circuit resistance high

4.Driver pretensioner circuit resistance high

5.Passenger pretensioner circuit resistance high

6.SDM frontal crash detected

7.SDM 'AIR BAG' warning lamp circuit failure

8.Throttle position circuit malfunction

Inspections are normal for Vehicle body system

1.ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

2.BCM (Body control module)


This inspection report is for reference only. All data provided in this report is based on static data, detailed dynamic and/or live diagnostic data should be generated by a professional maintenance tool. Launch is not liable for any fault or accident caused thereby.