Report No.:D0012151189

Inspection Report

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Vehicle Information


Vehicle manufacturer/model: Ford/iesta MY2013

Year of manufacture: 2015


Vehicle Software Version:V48.69

Inspection Organization

Name: planetavto_poltava

Address: Европейская 225

Contact Number: 380990449265


Time and date of inspection:10/13/2021 07:45:01

Inspection Location:

Inspection Result

Inspections are normal for Vehicle body system

1.PCM (Модуль управления двигателем)

2.RCM (Блок управления системой защиты водителя и пассажиров)

3.ABS (Антиблокировочная тормозная система)


This inspection report is for reference only. All data provided in this report is based on static data, detailed dynamic and/or live diagnostic data should be generated by a professional maintenance tool. Launch is not liable for any fault or accident caused thereby.